War of The Worlds
Co-Produced by the LA Phil Harmonic & The Industry

NOW Art LA is a co-producer of ‘War of the Worlds’ as the concept of repurposing the former Air Raid Sirens into a live sound art network was developed and brought to The Industry and LA Phil to co-produce from the Artistic Director, Carmen Zella and Tanner Blackman.  As a public art organization NOW Art has overseen the selection of the Production Designer and local artist, Calder Greenwood, to create the artistic installations at each of the satellite locations.  On the production side, NOW Art has overseen the documentation of the event by Oli Von Studio, social media programming on Twitter with experience designer, Ally Taylor and Front of House staffing.

WAR OF THE WORLDS is a new opera that eliminates the boundary between concert hall and the streets of Los Angeles. Three defunct air raid sirens located in downtown Los Angeles are re-purposed into public speakers to broadcast the live performance, based on the infamous 1938 radio drama created by Orson Welles. Musicians from the Los Angeles Philharmonic will play on the stage of Walt Disney Concert Hall and broadcasted through the sirens onto the streets of Los Angeles — while performers stationed at the sirens will send their live report of the alien invasion back to the concert hall. NowArt LA is overseeing community outreach, production design, and public art for War of The Worlds.

Please email [email protected] to learn about sponsorship opportunities and how you can participate!

  • Dates: November 12, Sunday @ 2pm and November 18, Saturday @ 12pm & 2pm
  • Directed by: Yuval Sharon
  • Music: Annie Gosfield
  • Conductor: Christopher Roundtree
  • Narrator: Sigourney Weaver
  • Website: waroftheworlds.la
Now Art LA Production Crew
  • Social Media Director: Ally Taylor
  • Front of House Lead: Heidi Chang
  • Production Design: Calder Greenwood
  • Choreographer: Lara Helena Terstenjak
  • Marketing Design: Alejandra Fernandez
Press and Media Coverage
Special Edition Merch!
Special Thanks To
Tanner Blackman for creating this idea with Carmen Zella over 3 years ago and making it happen!
Yeager Consulting Group’s principle, Amy Yeager for supporting this project and enlisting more sponsors who support art!
Michael Shull, AP Diaz, Tracy James, and Ryan Carpio from LA Recreation and Parks for facilitating this project in every way!