Venice Beach Surfboard Art Initiative- Upcoming
A living arts installaion on a forgotten walking path.


The VSAI is a living art installation. Using a surfboard as the canvas, our steering committee will invite LA artists to design these new works of art. The boards will be placed as visual markers throughout the Venice Beach community. The artwork will be available fro purchase and installation to key stakeholders, community residents, and businesses proclaiming the pride of this unique community through cultural acquisition.

Our goal is to locally showcase the positive impact art has in the face of adversity and change. Once the installation concludes, the community will be beautified and enhanced by these markers. All proceeds will be donated to environmental and art organizations that directly benefit Venice as a community.


Our goal is to source Eco-friendly boards from a (tbd) Southern California manufacturer; enlist a local shaper to uniform them providing each artist the same canvas. At the conclusion of the art’s work, each board will be glassed with the most eco-friendly resin preserving the art forever.

Each board will rise approx 10’ high with a width of 2’. Every board will be bolted through the base to a short post cemented in to a stanchion buried in the earth (these will be removed and the land filled in when the installation is complete). This constructed base will withstand weather (incl’ wind) and prevent theft.

  • Co-Produced by: Brad Aarons
  • In Collaboration with: Heal The Bay & Venice Neighborhood Council
  • To Purchase or Sponsor a Board: [email protected]

Our volunteer positions are for those who want to have experience in assisting and learning about the creation of public artworks and artists.  Thank you for your interest!

Be a part of this project!

*donations to this project will be restricted to this work and you will receive sponsor recognition and a tax deductible receipt for donations over $100