The Sirens
The world's largest urban sound art exhibition

A city-wide sound art project unlike anything the world has ever seen, The Sirens will unify an urban landscape in one of the premiere media capitals of the world, Los Angeles.

As a leader in music, film, performance and art culture, Los Angeles is an ideal platform to launch this project, given its diverse social environment and powerful global influence.

Over the course of one year, The Sirens will broadcast a series of original, site-specific sound compositions, creating a resonant soundscape for LA’s 10 million residents in parks across the city.

Sound transforms. Sound permeates the subconscious, and has the power to influence emotions, quell unrest and incite motivation. This project will bring a large-scale sound art exhibition to Los Angeles, reaching public listeners with carefully orchestrated programing from the most talented sonic artists.

This project is created with the public in mind, without discrimination, placed in parks throughout all areas of the City.

Los Angeles has yet to truly nourish the city’s soundscape, in a universally accessible fashion. Owing too, to the city’s scale, sound often remains localized, even atomized, as musicians, composers, and audiences, remain within chosen neighborhoods.

Through a commitment to diverse programming, we hope to offer the cities youth a source of inspiration by showcasing progressive approaches to sound. The Sirens encourages new talents to emerge and we hope the interactive aspect will bring forward talents that have yet to be heard.
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  • Category: Multimedia
  • Client: City of Los Angeles
  • Installed: Upcoming - 2018
  • Artist: Multiple
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Our volunteer positions are for those who want to have experience in assisting and learning about the creation of public artworks and artists.  Thank you for your interest!

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