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Pershing Square Installations- Upcoming
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As part of our ongoing relationship with Los Angeles Recreation and Parks, the Parks Advisory Board, Pershing Square Renew and DTLA stakeholders such as the Central City Association and Downtown Center Business Improvement District – we are pursuing large scale kinetic art showcase works by local artist James Peterson.  Selected from a target portfolio of artist submissions – the artwork creates a dynamic conversation and activation for the central square in downtown LA – giving viewers from towers looking down and participants visiting Pershing Square observing above an incredible spectacle. 

James Peterson – The concept for this work is to create a kinetic large-scale work that is stimulated to rotate around an axis (similar to a pinwheel laid flat) with the wind as an activating tool.  The funnel shape allows viewers to observe in a way that echoes ‘infinity’ in the likeness looking up to the sky with the density of the folds increasing in the narrow passage.  The prismatic nature will shoot spectrums of light out from the center – maximizing the 120ft diameter footprint to a larger surface area.  

Please fill out form and Preliminary statement of interest.

  • Category: Temporary Large-Scale Kinetic Installation
  • Client: Park Advisory Board & Pershing Square Renew
  • Upcoming: 2017
  • Artist: James Peterson

Please fill out form and Preliminary statement of interest.

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