video by Phil Sanchez

Morgan Sorne is a Los Angeles based artist, musician, actor, and filmmaker. Through nuanced vocal layering and frenetic scrawled pictographs, Sorne investigates the breakdown of language both sonically and visually throughout a series of site-specific installations in downtown Los Angeles, California. The artist selected these locations because of their acoustic resonance and inspiration at each site. Using a 4 part octave range he breaks down language into sound and articulates chalk drawings at each location that also eventually fade away. The deterioration of sound, purification of space and meditation of language all support this stunning and moving work.

Using a vocal range of four octaves and his own invented language Sorne explores the constructs of communication as a primal emotive experience with the people, landscape and environment of the dramatic ever-evolving city center.

  • Morgan Sorne Performance Art locations :
  • Corner of 7th and San Pedro - Skid Row: 12 noon Wednesday, June 28
  • 2nd Street Tunnel: 7pm Sunday, June 26th
  • Alley of Pico Blvd between S Flower St and S Hope St: 5pm Friday, July 1