LC Studio Tutto
Moon and Birds

This mural was created from the inspiration of the natural surroundings in Culver City, CA for a campus on Corporate Pointe drive.  The challenge was to create a seamless mural that spoke to the environment, architecture and complimented the culture of residents occupying this space.  LC Studio Tutto is an art and design team composed of Sofia Lacin and Hennessy Christophel. The duo works collaboratively to create large-scale public art—infusing spaces with life and identity to encourage a connection between people and their environments.  They created a piece in this location that placed a beautiful addition in the atmosphere, highlighting the natural elements such as trees, birds and sky and enhancing the existing buildings by modernizing and creating a sense of beauty on the concrete facade. This piece is a sophisticated and timeless work that we are proud to have curated.  Commissioned by Lincoln Property Company.

  • Category: Mural
  • Client: Lincoln Property Company
  • Installed: January 2017
  • Artist: LC Studio Tutto