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That is Our Mission
‘Natural Plasticity’ was a large-­scale sculpture focused on the impact of disposable plastic and consumer behavior towards our natural environment. This public art installation placed artists Cruder / LaPenta’s contemporary replicas of disposable plastic trash into our urban and park settings to visually articulate and stimulate conversation and thought around the impact consumable trash creates on our landscape.
This sculptural installation work started off at Pershing Square and moved throughout the city of Los Angeles, eventually making its way to the ocean mirroring the pathway that many discarded plastics travel.
This installation is the first in a series of public artworks that will focus on environmental issues by the W.A.V.E.S project: WORLD ART VISION for ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY. By using public art as a mechanism to stimulate thought and provoke action, the ‘Natural Plasticity’ installation has a ‘call to action’ component intention, along with its aesthetic appeal.
  • Category: Sculpture
  • Client: W.A.V.E.S collective
  • Installed: April 2016
  • Artist: Jana Cruder + Matthew LaPenta