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Environmental artist and industrial designer Doron Gazit envisioned the ‘Coral Forest’ design as its scale, and his choice of materials reference the interface of nature, and technology with a modern sensibility and playfulness. Carmen Zella curated this project after being commissioned by the Fashion District Business Improvement District (BID) to create an installation for the Saturday Flower Market between 7th and 8th on Wall Street in DTLA. The BID’s focus was to use art to create an interactive, colorful and playful atmosphere for the attendees to interact with. The largest Flower Market on the west coast, this treasure of Los Angeles boasts many visitors as well as locals who come to purchase florals of all variations.
During his college years, Gazit supported himself as a street balloon artist. He realized then that the twisty balloon was essentially a three-dimensional line and sought to make it on a grander scale. This is what sparked his artistic path of investigation, and the development of what became his singular form of art, an art focused on air, line and color.
This installation will be exhibited throughout the year at the Saturday Farmers Market on the street between both Flower Market warehouse entrances. For more information please visit http://fashiondistrict.org
  • Category: Sculpture
  • Client: Fashion District BID
  • Installed: April 2016
  • Artist: Doron Gazit