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to revitalize physical and social
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  1. Operational Details:
    1. Managing Budget & Timeline
    2. Artist Management
    3. Contract drafts and reviews
    4. Material Research & gathering
    5. Booking Equipment and Skilled labor
    6. Selection and assignment of fabricators
  2. Installation:
    1. Assuring aesthetic compliance
    2. Installation of the proposed work at the site with Artist and skilled labor
    3. Documentation of the Process
  3. Finalize Contract details & deliverables
  1. Establish Criteria and Project Goals determined from Stakeholders & Community Outreach
  2. Access parameters surrounding the project
    1. Selection of medium/discipline of public artwork
    2. Access the site specific parameters
    3. Overview of the city installation and maintenance requirements
    4. Consider the location dimensions, permitting, fabrication needs, and production requirements
    5. Establish budget and schedule
  3. Compile a preliminary list of artists that meets the criteria and submit a presentation deck
  4. Artists’ submission of the site specific renders of the idea.
  1. Assessment of community culture and neighborhood stakeholders
  2. Identify the community Engagement Goals & participation
    1. Involve local residence or community orgs
    2. Reflect community values and culture
    3. Civic and Infrastructural Resolutions
      1. How this project can engage the Los Angeles Cultural Community
      2. Artwork that can resolve Infrastructural needs
      3. Reflect the branding of the neighborhood, the history of the site, community identity, or legacy of property etc
  3. Present work to community for feedback and buy-in
  1. Finalize all necessary drafts, documents and architectural/engineering details of finalized work
  2. Filing Permits
    1. Identify Ordinances and ensure compliance details & documents for City codes.
    2. Applications, oversight and follow through for all approval processes with Partners, City and Municipal entities
  1. PDF brief/overview of the talk sent via email
  2. Consultation with client to customize talk to address key themes and audience
  3. Customization of the talk specific to duration and based on initial consultation.
  4. Dynamic Visual Keynote created in association with the talk

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