War of The Worlds
Produced by the Do Art Foundation

In 1939, Orson Welles created a “fake news” panic that made Americans question the trustworthiness of the medium of radio. His broadcast blurred the line between fact and fiction, making an imaginary alien invasion appear real to millions of unsuspecting listeners.

The original script for the broadcast becomes the basis of a new musical treatment, that will be heard both inside Walt Disney Concert Hall and on the streets of Los Angeles. But just as Welles’ original broadcast depended on a sense of surprise, we can’t tell you how we’re going to do this – just don’t miss it.

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  • Category: Multimedia
  • Client: LA Philharmonic & The Industry
  • Installed: November 12, Sunday @ 2pm and November 18, Saturday 2pm
  • Artist: Adapted and directed by Yuval Sharon
  • Music: Annie Gosfield