War of The Worlds
Produced by the Do Art Foundation

This new musical adaptation of the infamous radio play will be experienced in multiple sites throughout Los Angeles — activating a forgotten relic from the era that still appear throughout the city.

The sirens are perfect tools for telling a “horror story of the imagination” — where the disembodied sounds of a potential alien attack on the city can leave audiences guessing as to what is real and what is mere theater. Up to five sirens will be repurposed for this production, outfitted with new speakers and a communication system to allow them to stay simultaneously in sync with each other.

In this 60-minute adaptation of the text, a live orchestral performance from Walt Disney Hall will be streamed through five sirens around Los Angeles. A narrator interrupts the concert to report on the strange activity on the streets. Live singers and musicians, who will be located at those five sirens, will describe the scenes of alien invasion as depicted in the original broadcast. A live connection between the concert hall and the individual sirens allows for a true symphony of the city: the concert in Disney Hall is made publicly available, while the sounds of the city are sent back into Disney Hall. At the end, the musicians at all the various sirens and the musicians at Disney Hall will perform one simultaneous chorale to depict the attack.

Conceived by director Yuval Sharon, Artistic Director of The Industry and the LA Philharmonic’s Artist-Collaborator for three years, will spearhead this one-of-a-kind performance and adapt the text. The score will be written by Annie Gosfield, whom BBC called, “A one woman Hadron collider,” whose music is often inspired by the inherent beauty of found sounds, such as machines, destroyed pianos, warped 78 rpm records and detuned radios.

  • Category: Multimedia
  • Client: LA Philharmonic
  • Installed: November 12, Sunday @ 2pm and November 18, Saturday 2pm
  • Artist: Adapted and directed by Yuval Sharon
  • Music: Annie Gosfield