Venice Beach Surfboard Art Initiative
A living arts installaion on a forgotten walking path.


This is a living art installation.

Using a surfboard as the canvas, we will invite local artists from the past & present, to design these new works of art. The boards will line park & median of Venice Blvd., in both directions, visible by foot, bicycle & automobile. At the conclusion of the installation, the boards will be auctioned off with proceeds going to fund art non-profits in the Venice community.


Our goal is to showcase locally the positive impact art has in the face of adversity and change. We will revive the current landscape, trim the trees and beautify the park in the process. When the installation is done, the park will be left more beautiful than we found it and funds will be donated to local art programs that need the resources.

Our goal is to source Eco-friendly boards from a (tbd) Southern California manufacturer; enlist a local shaper to uniform them providing each artist the same canvas. At the conclusion of the artists’ work, each board will be glassed with the most eco-friendly resin preserving the art forever.

Each board will rise approx 10’ high with a width of 2’. Every board will be bolted through the base to a short post cemented into a stanchion buried in the earth (these will be removed and the land filled in when the installation is complete). This constructed base will withstand weather (incl’ wind) and prevent theft.


As is often the case, the same artists who helped make Venice an attractive destination for a new wave of residents & professionals, are now finding it increasingly challenging to stay in Venice. But we have an opportunity to represent & preserve our rich artistic history. From the beginning, Venice was a place of innovation & design. ‘Low riders’ originated here, the Cobra was built here; Dragsters & Hot Rodders raced Speedway; Beatniks poetically lent their words to kick start the Hippie culture; rockers like The Doors and endless fine-artists who’s names line history entered us in to the Dogtown years that coined the motto ‘Where Art Meets Crime’; and this lead the way to a renewed youthful generation that took a canvas and turned it into a tablet, continuing the tradition of innovation and how we communicate.

  • Co-Produced by: Brad Aarons
  • In Collaboration with: Heal The Bay & Venice Neighborhood Council
  • To Purchase or Sponsor a Board: