Amplifying Awareness Through Art

Please join Now Art LA as we unveil our latest collaboration with the artist JAMES PETERSON in commemorating the city of Malibu on this milestone in ocean conservation and the banning of plastic. On view May 2018 in and around the City of Malibu and the City of Santa MonicaThe work will be a free-flowing installation made out of straws, donated by City of Malibu institutions, with unique geometry forms abstractly inspired by the ocean.


“My art is in a place between science and the organic, representing the dualities of our world that in tension and seemingly at odds with itself.

Art is an experience, and my focus is on creating sculptures that are immersive and inspire us to commune together and share these moments.  I am chasing a feeling, one of joy, elation, calm, and of being at ease, which have become more difficult to achieve in this media dominant time.

I explore patterns color and forms found in nature, these are the seeds of my sculptures. The art I create is experiential  and strives to synthesize the space into sculpture. Simultaneously the materials I create with are extremely important, the blend between synthetic and natural materials is of interest to me particularly in this disposable mindset the world is in.  Plastic waste and objects can be brought together in a patterned and repetitive way that transform the current form into something magical. Through expressing my societal concerns in subtle beautiful form my hope is to inspire us to look more carefully at our habits of waste, and transform our perspective.  Today connection, recognition, and intimacy are all in the decline. There is so much conflict, anger, and war in the world we often just want to hide from the weight of reality. This void is why creating art that unites people to create a space of connection, empathy and growth.”

– James Peterson
All contributions are welcome – we will place your name on this page as a listed sponsor for making this pledge to support art that amplifies issues! Let us know who you are! 
Significant Donors $100 and Up- will have their logo placed on the website and marketing materials 
Substantial Donors $500 and Up- will have their logo placed on the plaque where the sculpture is showcased. 
We are ACTIVELY COLLECTING plastic straws from businesses that support this initiative ahead of the ban, and through beach cleanups with our partner organizations at Shark Allies, Surfriders and more! Reach out to be a participant and learn more:
  • On View: May 2018
  • Location: Cities of Malibu and Santa Monica
  • Artist: James Peterson
  • RSVP:
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