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That is Our Mission

This was a community inspired project that was driven by the culture and respect for hand painted signs seen throughout Southern California.  This team of artists engaged underserved businesses along Central Avenue in District 9 of Los Angeles to repaint their front facades.  This project was selected by the Great Streets initiative, and the Department of Cultural Affairs with a grant commissioned by Community Partners Foundation. ‘Mural Signs on Central’ both worked to celebrate sign painting culture, and revitalize businesses along Central Ave corridor. Each artist was selected from a list of local artists working in typography and mural  design.  The intention behind this project was twofold – create a Mural Sign corridor along Central Ave sparked by these projects, and encourage other artists in the community to approach business owners to do the same, and give more credibility and visibility to this artform as it is not permitted or recognized by the City of Los Angeles, yet is an important and unique part of the landscape and visual culture of Southern California.

  • Category: Mural Art
  • Client: Community Partners
  • Installed: January 2017
  • 5116 South central Ave.: Artist: Aly Timbuctustate
  • 4075 South Central Ave. : Artists: Dabs Myla
  • 5902 South central Ave.: Artist: Shrine ON
  • 4969 South central Ave.: Artist: TRAV