The Other Side
A Feminist Nativity Scene: Mary's Perspective

NOW Art LA is delighted to announce The Other Side, an immersive alternative nativity scene commissioned by First United Methodist Church of Los Angeles that will be realized by locally based multidisciplinary artist, Noa Yekutieli. This nativity project will examine the ways the story of the Virgin Mary has been typically told and how women in similar situations continue to be treated. This responsive installation recites Mary’s narrative through the lives of two present day women visually depicted in the piece. The women embody a situation parallel to Mary‘s struggle against the stigma and challenges of a homeless, pregnant and unwed woman.

Noa Yekutieli’s large-scale immersive installation will gradually shift in appearance as it traces the birth of Jesus Christ over a twenty-four day period, opening on December 15 at 6 pm and culminating on January 7, 2018. Installation will take place at the corner of Olympic and Flower streets on a multi-use site that operates as a parking lot during the week. This space, which is all that remains of the church’s past physical property, will prompt the public to grapple with the relevance of this biblical scene within a contemporary context.

Now Art is proud to be a partner alongside the First United Methodist Church. We celebrate the realization of this project with our partners who without their support, this landmark project would not have been possible.

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  • On View: December 15, 2017 through January 7, 2018
  • Artist: Noa Yekutieli
  • In Partnership with: First United Methodist Church of Los Angeles
  • Location: Corner of Olympic Blvd & Flower St

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