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Nelio blends abstract art, architecture, cubism, graphic design. Nelio builds pieces made of cleanly cut symbols, geometric shapes, letters and sometimes facial features. Along with his other influence of ancient art, the raw shapes are like a mysterious ineffable language, communicating like a hieroglyphic or a piece of music.

In this work that is featured in the lobby of Harbor Associates project ‘Create Tustin’ he uses wood to create a three dimensional impression, adding further form and texture to the already exciting visual experience.  This work importantly remains light, accessible and beautiful flanking both large walls of the lobby, giving the space an immediate an elegant, and creative impression.
Coming out of Lyon, France, Nelio has graced walls across Europe, Australia, Asia and South America in the 14 years he has been painting.  This was his first project and trip to California, and we would love to have him return soon!

  • Category: Mural Art
  • Client: Harbor Associates
  • Installed: January 2017
  • Artist: Nelio